PPGI color coated steel sheet coil

Thickness: 0.3-10mm
Width: 600-2500mm
Specifications: CGC340 CGC400 CGC440 Q/HG008-2014 Q/HG064-2013
GB/T12754-2006 DX51D+Z CGCC Q/HG008-2014 Q/HG064-2013 GB/T12754-2006 CGCD1 TDC51D+Z
Uses: 1 Architectural applications
The outdoor construction industry is mainly: roofs, roof structures, balcony panels, water slides, window frames,
gates, garage doors, rolling shutter doors, kiosks, shutters, guard houses, simple houses, refrigerated vehicles, etc.
Indoor applications are mainly: door, partition, door frame, house light steel structure, sliding door, screen, ceiling, bathroom interior, elevator interior, elevator lobby, etc.
2. Application on electrical appliances
Refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven, vending machine, air conditioner, copier, electric fan.
3. Application in transportation
Car ceilings, back panels, hoardings, interior decorative panels, car shells, trunk panels, cars, dashboards, console shells,
trams, train ceilings, partitions, inner walls, ship color boards, doors, floors, containers, etc.
4. Application of sheet metal processing and furniture
Ventilation heaters, water heater shells, counters, shelves, signboards, wardrobes, tables, bedside tables, chairs, dressing boxes, filing cabinets, bookshelves, etc.

Post time: May-18-2022